English 9 (Anglo-American Literature and Communication Arts) incorporates a two-way approach.  First, it provides students with the necessary and foundational skills to develop competencies for a critical analysis and meaningful appreciation of the spoken and the written word.  Secondly, it instills in the students sensitivity to the common themes of human experience and an ability to share in and express what is most human in man.     

Literature serves as a vehicle for the educational goal of values formation.  Experiential learning with formal attention to literary form cultivates a disciplined appreciation for the aesthetic values of literary texts.


            The study of both literature and grammar will give the grade nine student the opportunity to read and to write as he strives to understand how he shares in the plight of mankind, as expressed through the stories, essays, poems and plays that man has created in an effort to define and understand his own humanity.


The students will develop effective communication skills which is also the foundation of conflict resolution.  By integrating ideas and approaches of peace education into our English classrooms, students are given the opportunity to enhance their understanding of peace with justice.